Our Spa Chalet - a place of pure relaxation

The Spa Chalet is the jewel in our crown. Modern architecture meets Alpine cosiness. The Spa Chalet is connected to the main hotel by an underground corridor.

It’s the panoramic view over the imposing mountains that makes our Spa Chalet so special. While the snow lies thickly outside, it’s cosy and warm.

Relax in the large relaxation area on warm water beds or floating loungers. Tea, fruit juices, fruit, nuts and other nibbles delight the palate throughout.

Prefer something sportier? In our fitness space, there’s a variety of equipment waiting for you.

Finnish Sauna approx. 90 oC

The Finnish sauna is the best known and oldest classic amongst saunas. The type of sweating popularised by the Finns combines high temperature with low humidity. Infusions with aromas, spruces and herbs elevate the sauna experience.

Laconium steam bath approx. 47 oC

The warm steam with additional essential oils makes skin wonderfully supple, and purifies and regenerates airways. The steam bath puts less strain on circulation due to its mild temperature. You should sweat for about 10 to 20 minutes then get straight in the shower!

Bio Soft Sauna 55 oC

The Bio Soft Sauna helps elevate your entire body with gentle temperatures. This type of sweating is particularly popular for women.

Inhalation Room

If you spend a lot of time outside in the cold air, it’s easy to catch a cold. Don’t give those respiratory infections a chance! Our inhalation room helps to prevent and quickly ease infections.

Opening hours for the wellness area in the main hotel

Daily from 4 pm to 8 pm, in case of bad weather, it may also be possible to use the sauna earlier!

Video of the opening of the Spa Chalet

Sauna Virtual Tour: